Elk Grove High School
Lady Herd Basketball

Elk Grove, California


Directions to
Grant High School
from Elk Grove

Address: 1400 Grand Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95838
Phone: 916-286-1000
Distance: Approx. 20 miles
Item Directions
1 Go North on Hwy 99 from Elk Grove to Business I-80
2 Follow Business I-80 to the Marconi Ave exit
3 Turn left (West) onto Marconi Ave (Marconi becomes Arcade Blvd)
4 Continue on Arcade Blvd To Marysville Blvd
5 Turn right (North) onto Marysville Blvd
6 Follow Marysville Blvd to Grand Ave.
7 Turn left (West) onto Grand Ave
8 Grant High is on the left
  -- OR --
1 Go West on Elk Grove Blvd to I-5
2 Turn Right onto I-5 (North)
3 Continue on I-5 North to I-80 (approx. 16 miles)
4 Take I-80 east toward Reno
5 Continue on I-80 east to the Marysville Blvd exit (approx. 5.25 miles).
6 At the end of the off ramp, turn right onto Marysville Blvd.
7 Turn Right on Grand Avenue
8 Grant High is on the Left

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Last Updated: July 20, 2017